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When it comes to carpet cleaning in Phoenix, Cleanpro is ready with an enthusiastic group of professional cleaning specialists who will give your carpets the green cleaning they need. However, in between carpet cleanings, there are things you can do to keep your carpets looking great. Area rugs can be cleaned using our system too, and similarly they have some useful maintenance tips consider. We have put together a few simple tips to help you properly care and clean your area rugs at home between professional carpet cleans. 

Use these tried and tested tips for cleaning and maintaining your area rugs
  • Just as you’d need to vacuum your wall-to-wall carpet regularly, area rugs need the same attention. Vacuuming is your first line of defense in keeping your rug clean, smelling great and enhancing its longevity. 
  • If you have pets at home, consider using a special pet hair roller. Your vacuum cleaner may not necessarily pick up all the difficult hairs embedded in your rug, so a pet hair roller is a great way to do the job. 
  • It’s important to keep in mind that your area rug, if not moved, is constantly exposed to natural and artificial light in the same places. In order to prevent areas of your rug fading more quickly than others, rotate your carpet every 6 months or alternate it’s position in the room. 
  • Rotating your area rug not only helps to protect your carpet from fading, it’s also a great way to keep it from wearing in the areas that are under heavy furniture. By moving your area rug, or by moving the furniture on the rug, the pressure on a single area is eliminated and hence fewer crushed carpet fibers. 
  • Remember to spot clean your area rug as needed, always trying the method on a smaller, less visible spot first, so as not to ruin your rug!
  • Although standard carpet cleaning products will work on most rugs, not all rugs are the same. When you purchase the rug, be mindful of any specific cleaning instructions. Follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions as directed, and as with your wall-to-wall carpets, ensure your area rugs are professionally cleaned at least once a year. If any doubts about the cleaning of your rug, call 480-323-8740 for a professional opinion. 

Now that your area rugs are looking fantastic and your wooden surfaces are as good as new, keep in mind our professionals for carpet cleaning in Phoenix. Give Valley Cleanpro a call today at 480-323-8740 to schedule your assessment and service. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

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