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Keeping your carpet looking good between professional cleanings can be a daunting task, especially if you have pets or children. Here at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, AZ, we know how many different types of carpet there are and the various ways it takes to clean them. Here are a few tips for cleaning the certain type of carpet you may have.


These types of carpets are very popular due to the fact it is constructed specifically for high traffic areas. It's distinguishing feature is the loop pile, which makes it easier to clean. Dirt and other pollutants do not get trapped as easily and can be removed with frequent vacuuming. Cleaned stains tend to reappear after a few days though, requiring another cleaning. Berber carpets are still one of the easiest to maintain.


This type of carpet looks cleaner but can conceal much more dirt and bacteria than the Berber carpet. With a cut pile made of small, twisted fibers, this carpet will not show footprints or dirt as easily as other styles but needs deeper cleaning. Nylon frieze carpet is often marketed as stain resistant. The tightly packed fibers will naturally fend off stains, especially when anything spilled is immediately cleaned.


This carpet features fiber piles that are less dense and are composed of longer individual strands giving it a "grass" effect. Do NOT use the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner for this carpet! Vacuum it often, but with suction-only. When cleaning your carpet, it is best to use natural carpet cleaners.


This carpet is the hardest one to keep clean. Extremely dense pile gives this carpet a soft, luxurious feel, but should not be used in high-traffic areas. Vacuum your plush carpet at least two to three times a week. Move the vacuum slowly to dislodge any trapped particles. When cleaning spills, use cold water and blot, don't rub.

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NO carpet is stain proof. It doesn't matter what the carpet is made of or how it has been treated, if spills are left to settle, they will eventually stain. For professional stain removal, Give Valley Cleanpro Carpet Cleaners in Phoenix, Arizona a call at 480-323-8740 or 602-904-2140, or you can e-mail us at

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