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Dogs may well be man’s best friend but they aren’t quite so amiable to carpets; the same goes for any furry friend you may have living with you. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the damage pets cause your carpets. Let Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix give you a few tips.

Clean their paws when they’ve been outdoors

Keep old towels handy by any doors you use frequently. When coming in from the great outdoors, towel your pet’s paws dry to avoid them walking dirt into your home. Your pet may seem a little perturbed the first few times you do this, but they will quickly become used to it as it becomes habit.

Vacuum regularly

It may sound obvious, but regular vacuuming is key to keeping your carpeting clean. Not only does it remove the visible dirt, but vacuuming gets rid of some of the microscopic particles of dust and dirt that can act like sandpaper on your carpet’s delicate fibers if left hanging around.

Removing pet hair

Pet hair can be extremely stubborn. One tip, though it may sounds odd, is to put on a pair of rubber gloves and rub furniture or carpeting with the bare gloves. The static electricity created attracts the hair to the gloves and leaves your home hair-free.

Professional cleaning

It’s wise to have your carpets cleaned professionally every so often (twice a year is good as a general rule) or if they are badly stained or damaged. Pets can really take a toll on your carpeting, but expert care can help keep it looking its best and extend its lifespan.

If you feel that your carpet needs some extra care, perhaps after hosting guests over the holidays, then enlist the expert help of Valley Cleanpro. We utilize CLEANPRO’s unique technology to provide the best carpet cleaning in Phoenix. Our rivals simply can’t compete, so call 602.904.2140 today.

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