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 Whether you're getting carpet installed for the first time or replacing old carpeting, it is important you do some research before making your choice. Factors, like your budget or the space you are installing carpet in, will help determine the type of carpet that best suits you. Here at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, we have some tips to help you choose the right carpet for your home.

  1. Create a budget. Before you start shopping for your carpet, decide on a budget. Remember to include padding in your budget. You can save some money if you know how to install carpet yourself. If you would rather have it professionally installed, add installation expenses into your budget. Carpet removal is another expense to consider while creating your budget.
  2. Take some measurements. You will need to measure the space in your home that will be carpeted. Make sure you include the whole space so you won’t be left with a carpet that doesn’t fit the area. 
  3. Learn about carpet fibers. There are a variety of carpet fibers to choose from. Before deciding on one, consider the space where the carpet will be installed. Think about the amount of people who will be walking through the area and the exposure it has to the elements. Other factors to consider are pets in the home, allowing shoes on your carpet and whether you will be eating in the carpeted space. Polyester carpeting is one of the more affordable options. It is resistant to sunlight but is known to show pilling. While nylon fibers do have a tendency to fade in sunlight, they are very durable and are still quite affordable. If you want to carpet an area that is exposed to outdoor elements, olefin might be your best bet.
  4. Care for your carpet. Once your carpet is installed, you will have to perform regular maintenance to make sure it stays at its best. Vacuum at least once a week to keep it clean and smelling fresh. If you have pets in your home, vacuum at least twice a week to make sure pet odors and hair are not affecting your carpet. Clean up spills as soon as they happen and have a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. 
Remember that keeping your carpets clean has a great effect on the overall cleanliness and odor of your home. Be sure to check out some tips on how to keep your carpets smelling their best. For the best carpet cleaning and carpet protection in Phoenix, be sure to contact Valley Cleanpro at (480) 323- 8740 and ask about all of our services.

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