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 Take off your shoes and step onto your fluffy, cushy carpet. Doesn't that feel nice? It isn't the carpet alone that makes it feel so good. Ponder the carpet pad. Here at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, Arizona, our job is keeping your carpets clean. And we know that the padding is an essential part of making your carpet so luxurious. We would like to share some facts about this unseen but very important carpet component.

Pad Facts

Carpet padding plays a major role in your carpet's appearance and durability. It is a layer of spongy material that is installed beneath your carpet. It is cut slightly smaller than the carpet and fits inside the tack strip. The pad is either glued or stapled to your subfloor.

Pad Purpose

The sole purpose of a carpet pad is to protect the carpet. It keeps your carpet from wearing against the subfloor. It also cushions the stress on your carpet by absorbing impact from foot traffic and furniture. Your carpet would not be nearly as comfortable to walk on and would wear much faster without the padding. Padding keeps the room warmer by providing thermal insulation. It also muffles sound which is especially important for upstairs rooms.

Pad Purchasing

Each carpet manufacturer recommends a certain type of padding. Be cautious! If you install the wrong type of pad with your new carpet, it could void your warranty. Before choosing a carpet pad, think about what will be going on in the room. If the kids will be rolling around on it with the dog, consider picking a thicker pad for comfort. Does someone in your home use a wheelchair? Keep in mind that wheelchairs do not roll well on thick padding. You can install a carpet and skip the pad, but you would have to buy new carpet sooner than later.

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