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For those of you who have both, keeping your carpet sanitary and bright is just as important as keeping your hardwood floors clean and shiny. Valley Cleanpro of Phoenix, Arizona would like to give you some pointers today on how to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

Basic Care

On a regular basis, dust the floor with a mop that has been treated with a special dusting agent or you can use a Swiffer with a disposable electrostatic cloth. This will help to pick up dust bunnies and pet hair that might scratch the floor's surface. To save money, flip the cloth over and use the other side before disposing of it. For cleaning once or twice a week use a vacuum with the wide, flat floor attachment. Do not use a vacuum with the beater bar, this can scratch up the finish on your hardwood floor.

Deeper Cleaning

Grime can build up over time and is not completely removed by dust mopping. Consider doing a deeper cleaning in the spring or just before the winter holidays. Use a citrus wood-cleaning product diluted with water. Saturate a sponge or microfiber rag mop in the cleaning solution and wring out until slightly damp. Mop the floor being very careful not to leave standing water. If the weather is humid, turn on a ceiling or oscillating fan to speed up drying time.

Removing Marks

Check your floor's finish before trying to remove any marks. If your floor has a hard finish such as urethane, the mark or stain should be pretty easy to remove with a soft, clean cloth. Never use sandpaper or harsh chemicals on this type of surface because they can damage the finish permanently . However, if your floor has a soft, oiled finish, the mark or stain could have penetrated down to the wood grain. Rub the spot with # 000 steel wool and floor wax until the mark is gone. If needed, stain the wood and then wax and buff the spot to match the rest of the floor.

Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

Now that your hardwood floor looks beautiful, take a look at your other wooden surfaces and the carpet in the other room. Does your carpet need deep cleaning as well? For professional carpet cleaning in Phoenix, be sure to contact Valley Cleanpro at (480) 323-8740.

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