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It’s amazing what we pick up on our shoes while going from place to place outside. Many households, have a rule to remove your shoes before entering the home. This may keep some of the bacteria and bugs from getting into the carpet. but here at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, Arizona, we know that those little buggers come in anyway, on your clothing, on the dog, on the breeze through the window or door. Here is a closer look at the microscopic zoo in your carpet.


Carpet is the perfect environment for allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and other aggravating proteins that can provoke allergic reactions. Carpets can contain one hundred times more allergens than hard floors.

Dust Mites

A microscopic arthropod that can give you severe allergies and make you sneeze all year long. Dust mites do not bite, sting or dig into our bodies, (thank goodness.) The allergens they create comes from their excretions. Dust mites are not only in your carpet, but can be in your bed as well...Ew!


Humidity, spills, leaky ceilings (or dogs) can all contribute to mold growth. Whenever the source of the mold is stepped on or disturbed in any way, the spores can go airborne and float in the slightest breeze.

Furry Family Members

Your shedding dog and cat, precious as they are, help populate the microscopic carpet zoo. Dead skin, dust, fleas and pollen come in on their fur and ends up in your carpet.

Our Little Rugrats

Allergens trapped in carpet are especially bad for babies and toddlers. Their immune systems are more sensitive to foreign substances that live in carpet, and they spend a lot more of their time closer to the floor than us adults do. A crawling infant could swallow up to 10 grams of carpet dust daily…..Daaaang!

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