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While rain is a glorious occurrence (especially here in Phoenix), it could mean bad news for your carpets if you’re not careful. As you know, mud is dirty, sneaky and can really get stuck into your precious flooring. Still, if an accident or an oversight has gotten your carpet all muddy and disheveled, don’t panic. Below you’ll find a quick guide on what you can do to clean it.

How to Clean Mud Off Your Carpet

  1. Start by acting fast and grabbing a spoon. Use it to remove the excess mud from the carpet so it doesn’t harden on the fibers. While you do this, work from the outside of the stain in to avoid expanding it, and try not to scrub it, as it can sink the mud in. 

  2. Once you’ve gotten most of the excess off, you have to wait for the mud to dry out into dirt. This will make getting rid of the stain easier. Allow air into the room by opening your windows and doors, and turning a fan on to accelerate this process. 

  3. As you probably know, mud is created by mixing dirt and water; so once the water is gone, all you’ll be left with is dirt. To clean the dirt off your carpeted floors, you’ll need to use your vacuum. Click on the link to find a guide on how to vacuum your carpet thoroughly.

  4. After you’ve vacuumed, it’s probable that you’ll be left with an unsightly stain on your carpeting. If that’s the case, you can remove it by blotting it out with a mix of water and soap, and a clean towel. Later, use vinegar to pat the area and lift the stain for good.

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