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You likely do all you can to take care of your carpet, from ensuring that you set rules about what can be taken into the carpeted areas of your home to maintaining the best of carpet care. However, accidents do happen and sometimes you are left with a horrible stain you just can’t remove. If you’ve got a small area of carpet in your home, with this big problem, then Cleanpro Valley Professionals would like to offer you a solution today. Consider patching this area of your carpet to make it as good as new. 

The first step in doing this is to locate a new piece of carpet to use as the patch. If you were left with some extra carpet pieces after the installation, then that would certainly be your first option. However, if not, consider finding an area of the home that is carpeted, but rarely seen, to pull the carpet from. A great place to look for this is in the closet. 

Once you’ve located a piece of carpet you can use, prior to cutting it out, ensure that you indicate the direction the carpet fibers are going. This will help you to line the direction up with the fibers of the area surrounding what you’ll be patching up soon. 

Now that you’ve got both the carpet patch and the surrounding carpet area marked, your next step will be to cut out a piece of fabric at least one inch wider, on all sides, than the hole you’ve currently got in the carpet. Using fabric and fabric glue, secure the fabric to the underside of the carpet hole. 

Using this same glue, secure the patch of carpet to the fabric to keep it firm. 

While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, you can take your finger to run around the edges of the carpet in order to blend the fibers. 

Once you’ve patched your carpet, you’ll likely be happy that the hideous stain is no longer there. However, keep in mind that this new carpet piece may be slightly cleaner, as it was not exposed to foot traffic before. A professional clean can likely take care of the rest of your carpet, making all look as good as new. Remember Cleanpro Valley Professionals for carpet cleaning in Phoenix. Give us a call to set up your consultation today, 480 323 8740.

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