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A stinky carpet can’t go unnoticed, and apart from the unpleasant smell, there can be thousands of bacteria and fungi thriving in just a small area of your carpet, which can also trigger allergies and represent a health threat. However, there is a simple way to remove that unwanted odor and at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, we would like to share a simple method to deal with this problem. 

The Room

Most people tend to forget that odors can seep into the curtains and walls of the room, so make sure to wash these often neglected areas. Remember that sunlight can kill bacteria and opening the curtains is a good start. Also, open doors and windows or use an exhaust fan to improve the room’s ventilation.

Baking Soda

This chemical compound has many cleaning properties, and removing odors in a natural and efficient way is one of them. Sprinkle a large amount of this powder all over the area you want to deodorize, it’s crucial that you let it settle for at least 48 hours, so make sure to close the door or perform this activity during a long weekend or holiday. 


Use you hand broom to remove as much baking soda as you can, before using your vacuum cleaner. Remember that you can repeat this procedure as many times as you want. Now you can spray an air freshener and being sure that it won’t mask any odors and leave a pleasant scent in the room.

Remember that you should always test this method on a smaller carpet area, this way you won’t create an extensive damage that can be difficult and expensive to repair in the future. Also, keep in mind that your shoes account for bringing many unwanted particles into your home, so be sure to read this previous post on this interesting topic. 

For Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix
Calling the professional cleaners twice a year is the estimated time to keep you carpet in perfect condition. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Phoenix, think about CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system uses a citrus-based organic cleaning solution that doesn’t leave residue and it’s environmentally safe. Call 480-323-8740 to schedule a free estimate.

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