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Installing carpet in your home is a savvy move that has many advantages, as it creates an exceptional style in your home, improves your indoor air quality, reduces noise and provides your home with an amazing underfoot comfort. However, this amenity has a limited lifespan and there are certain signs that can point out it’s time to replace your carpet. For this reason at Valley Cleanpro in Phoenix, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic. 


It’s relatively normal that your carpet traps odors, especially if you have a child or a pet in your home, however thorough cleaning should be enough to deal with this problem, otherwise it may be time to replace your carpet. Remember that smells are a sign of bacteria and germs growing in your carpet, plus it can also mean there’s mold growing in your padding. 


The carpet padding is almost as important as your carpet, yet it’s often neglected. Remember that the padding provides support and protects your carpet from impact. Look out for wrinkles or unevenness in your carpet, as it’s likely that your padding is no longer fulfilling its role. 


It’s no secret that you will have to deal with stains on a regular basis, however being unable to remove them is also a red flag. Once stains have penetrated the carpet’s fibers, they will be difficult to remove, that’s why you should clean any spill immediately. Plus, they give an untidy look to your carpet. 

Keep in mind that the average carpet lifespan is about 10-12 years, it all depends on the care and maintenance you provide it with. If it’s time to replace your carpet, there are many details you have to take into account to make the best decision, so be sure to read our guide on choosing a new carpet. 

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Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to keep your carpet in perfect condition. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Phoenix, thing about Valley CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system can handle the dirtiest of carpets while using very little moisture and staying environmentally safe. Call 480-323-8740 to schedule a free estimate.

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