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As you are looking over your home, surely you’ll find many aspects you just adore. However, there might be some areas, which you think could use an update. Your carpet, is likely to be one of those. If you’re starting to think it’s time to search for new carpet, Valley Cleanpro would like to help you today by providing you some sure signs it is time for a carpet update. 

Check for Wear and Stains

If you’ve started the battle of constantly moving furniture to hide wear and tear, stains, or even rips in the carpet, it is definitely time to consider investing in a new one. If your carpet is torn, or the stains are so worn in that they can’t be taken care of, the carpet is more than likely older and could use replacing. 

Increased Allergies

If you’re starting to notice increased allergies in your family. Whether yourself, a family member, or even one of your pets, you may consider that the carpet is to blame. If you’ve tried cleaning and vacuuming, but the allergies will not go away, remember they could be due to mold, mildew or other carpet fiber issues. 

Slopes-due to padding

Your padding can go forgotten, unless it is causing an issue. Just like your carpet, the padding will wear down. This may happen to the point where you will start noticing slopes in the carpet and/or areas that seem to be less soft than others. This could very well be the padding letting you know, it’s time.


There may be smells that indicate the time to replace your carpet. You may have been very careful to clean up spills quickly, but remember that your padding can absorb those as well. Those spills that have seeped into the padding may cause mold, mildew, or other unsavory odors in your home. If you’ve tried some of the tips for getting odors out of your carpet, to no avail, then begin thinking about other options. 

Old Carpet

If your carpet has been in your home for longer than 10 years, it is more than likely time. Not only have the fashion trends changed over that time, but your carpet has probably begun to exhibit multiple signs that it needs a good update. 

You may not be quite convinced yet that it is time to replace your carpet. If you find yourself here, you may consider that it is time to get your carpet professionally cleaned. If that is the case, remember us at Valley Cleanpro, and contact us, 602.904.2140. Remember that at Cleanpro, we Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, We Clean Your Carpets! 

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