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It’s no secret that vacuuming your carpet is the best way to provide it with the care and maintenance it needs, as it will remove any debris that can damage your carpet’s fibers. However, there are a few tricks that can make your cleaning more efficient. For this reason at Cleanpro Valley in Phoenix, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic. 

Getting Ready

Before you start vacuuming, you should remove any clutter or small furniture from the floor and pay special attention to small items like coins or socks that can clog or damage your vacuum cleaner. Also, check that your vacuum cleaner’s bag is empty, as it will make your appliance more efficient. 

Using the Right Technique

Now that you are ready, start from the opposite side of the door and work your way out, this way you will avoid stepping on the cleaned area. Remember that your carpeting will require around 4 passes to remove dust and other debris. Keep in mind that you should clean the room corners at least once a week and you can use the crevice tool to reach these places.  

Carpeted Stairs

This place is also difficult to clean but it definitely requires special attention, as it’s a high traffic area. However, you should be careful as the cord of your appliance can represent a potential trip hazard, and focus on the corners and edges as they collect debris and other particles. 

Caring for your carpet is the best way to expand its lifespan and keep you home tidy, and these simple ideas are an effective way to achieve those goals. Also, lingering smells in your carpet can create an unpleasant environment, so be sure to read our guide on removing this problem.  

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