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When it comes to caring for your carpet, The Cleanpro System has got you covered if you have difficult stains you can’t seem to rid your beloved carpet of. Not to mention, we’ve got several tips for you, including how to deal with shoes and your carpet. When it comes to caring for the furnishings of your home, if they’re upholstered, we’ve also got you covered. However, in each home there is likely at least one piece of wood furniture that needs to be cared for with caution, in order to keep it looking beautiful and original. This is the matter that Valley Cleanpro would like to assist you with today. 

When it comes to caring for your wooden surfaces, there are a few tasks you should complete at least once a week, including: 
  • dusting regularly
  • ensuring that when you dust you are using wood friendly dusting materials, you’ll want to get either a feather duster or terry cloth dusters
  • be sure that you do not use any materials, such as sponges or hard towels that will disturb the wood
  • As you are dusting, follow the direction the grain to ensure that you’re helping your wooden surfaces to keep their natural beauty and charm

Next, it’s important to remember to wax your wooden surfaces as often as is required. Following is a list of pros and cons of both major wax types: Liquid Wax will not only protect your furniture from stains, scratches and dust, but it is also very easy to apply. It should be applied regularly. 

Paste Wax, on the other hand, though it is more difficult to apply, will keep your furniture safer for a longer period of time. 

It is certainly up to you how often you wish to be waxing your wooden surfaces. However, whichever type of wax you choose, you’ll notice that your wooden furniture is looking great and perhaps your carpet is paling in comparison. If this happens, remember that Valley Cleanpro is here and ready to help you make your carpet look just as good. For carpet cleaning in Phoenix, be sure that you contact us, 480-323-8740.

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